MD Media

Hi! My name is Matt – I am the founder of MD Media, a Video Production Company in Warrington. 

Welcome to our website!

MD Media was brought to life after we produced a video that went locally viral – 100K views all in the Warrington area. From here we launched In the Know Warrington and MD Media. The former is completely voluntary.

Content is king and video is the crown. We aren’t just another digital marketing agency or video for hire, we are very much focused on bringing success to our clients and growing with them. Our team will work collaboratively with any organisation or individual to help them achieve their goals through digital marketing strategies, video and photo content and motion graphics.

Working collaboratively with a close knit network of art directors, production crew, editors and camera operators, we provide content solutions for large and small scale productions.

We pride ourselves on finding the social value in peoples stories and bringing them to the screen.


We are proud and privileged to work with all of our clients, here are a few names you may recognise: