Hello to clients and colleagues, Much of our field work has been suspended or cancelled. However, we are developing contingency plans to maintain our networks and come out of this situation stronger and better prepared for the future. Editing work continues as normal.

Despite the challenging circumstances, we remain committed to innovating and creating. If you are a partner in any of our projects and have any questions, please get in touch.

Thank you for your understanding and we wish you well.

We have commited to safety first, here is a graphic that explains a little of what we expect from our clients and what they can expect from us. We have also compiled this info from the national office of statistics with the hope it will help people stay more informed and safe:

Office for National Statistics – Deaths involving COVID-19


Search postcodes to see the COVID 19 impact on the UK:


Look through local authorities to see the worse affected:

For more info visit the office of national statistics:

Microsoft has a live “Active COVID-19 Cases” module too:

View it here.

John Hopkins University Tracker